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Be careful with who you work with. Forex currency scams exist and are a risk for anyone.

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Most people ask this question. Is it possible to finish every month with gains if you are an active forex trader? Of course, it is possible. Is it likely? – No. Most people start trading on the forex market with the idea to make a fortune. Actually everybody dreams about it…

A Good trading plan must have the following: 1. Knowledge about the currency traded 2. Money Management 3. Discipline 4. Stop Loss and Take Profits 5. News trading Related articles Forex Trade Management Tips You Should Know (trademanagementblog.wordpress.com) How to Manually Trail a Stop on a Forex Trade (xe.com) MCX Commodity Market Updates & MCX […]

I think if you have a good broker, you would also have a best trading platform. Just make sure your broker allows trading platforms though. Related articles CaesarTrade, New Yet Highly Competitive Brokerage Firm, Says… (prweb.com) The Concept of Automated Forex Trading Platforms (bestforexindicators.wordpress.com) Now Enjoy Bitcoin Trading at iOption, Reports ForexMinute (prweb.com) CaesarTrade Offers […]

It’s really hard to detect or to find the best forex strategy out there. Since there is no such thing as only profitable trades, there’s not even a forex strategy that will assure you a 100% sure thing. Ergo, profitability depends on the money management and the execution of the trade.   Related articles Forex […]

There is no right strategy and everything depends on the individual trader. It will require plenty of time as well as money in order to get there and most fall short as they prefer to not spend the money and test it in demo accounts. Once they go live they go bust. Related articles Forex […]

Bottom line successful trading depends on the risk control, take losses quickly and often, if needed. Try to get your trade in the correct alignment right out of the gate. If it backs off, cut out and try again. Often, it is on the second or third attempt that your trade will move immediately in […]

Often times I exited the trade out of fear only to see the market advance or after placing a trade to see the market advance then retrace at which point I exit the trade out of fear of losing money. Related articles Learn Forex Basics (fxtrading01.wordpress.com) Why the Top Forex Signals Are Essential in the […]

Since discovering Forex trading I have read so many articles blogs etc regarding the Psychology of a trader Fear and Greed and the list goes on… However nothing hits you so hard or prepares you to experience LOSS – when you see your hard earned cash being drained out of your trading account after placing […]